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StartUPest - Student Enterprise Conference

The second edition of MY-WAY’s Student Enterprise Conference will take place in collaboration with AIESEC, on 17th June in Budapest, Hungary, at the premises of the Budapest Music Centre. It will provide a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs and students willing to launch their business to meet investors, mentors and other key players in Europe, network with peers, and learn new skills related to their dream.

is an EU-funded project, part of the Startup Europe initiative, aiming at improving the connections within the European entrepreneurship ecosystem to support student organisations and student support centres helping young individuals who want to launch their own business. As part of strategy, we are organising Student Enterprise Conferences with the aim of showcasing the leading student enterprise initiatives, services and projects advancing in Europe; encouraging the sharing of best practices and feedback from young entrepreneurs and student organisations, and in general raising awareness about the potential of student-led initiatives.

Present in over 125 countries and territories and with over 100,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth-led organization.
Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be global citizens, to change the world, and to get experience and skills that matter today.
If You are• a Young prospective entrepreneur
• an Accelerator
• a Business Angel
• a StartUp
• a Mentor
• a Student Network Representative
• a Venture Capitalistor any other player in the European Web Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, we want you to join us!
Confirmed speakers:
Mr. David Trayford - How to pitch your passion
Ms. Veronika Pistyur - Introduction of Bridge Budapest
Mr. Péter Kovács - From Kétbodony to San Francisco - aka how to make it as an Eastern European
Mr. Csaba Lévay - BossConnect mentor programme
Ms. Krisztina Tóth - Europa Media, MY-WAY Coordinator
Mr. Nick Slater - Gaining investment for your startup, how to learn from failure
Ms. Rita Veres - Introduction of The Singularity University Budapest Chapter
Mr. Attila Szigeti – DRUKKA
Mr. Drew Gerber - Wasabi Publicity Inc.
Ms. Maria Logotheti - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs
Ms. Léna Molnár - panelist, AIESEC in Hungary
Mr. Johnny Luk - panelist, NACUE
Mr. Till Spanke - panelist, NACUE
Mr. Pablo Hernández - panelist, AEGEE


HURRY UP as Early Bird tickets are free until 10th June, after that 800 HUF will be charged upon registration!


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